General Member Meetings

Every second tuesday of the month at 7 pm, ACE holds a General Member Meeting at WIlliams Center for the Arts, 317 Hamilton Street in Easton on the Lafayette College campus. This is an opportunity for members to learn about ACE, upcoming events, and the work being done by the committees. There’s also an open forum for all members to share their thoughts and announce their own exhibitions that are done outside of ACE. Frequently, guest speakers are invited to discuss various topics of interest to the arts community. In the past we’ve had several artists in residence at Lafayette College and an intellectual property attorney. Finally, at the Annual General Members meeting in February, ACE holds yearly elections for the officers and board of directors; all regular members are encouraged to attend these meetings to vote to select ACE’s leadership. The general meeting agenda includes

  • Introductions
  • Guest Speaker if scheduled
  • Officers’ Reports
  • Upcoming ACE Activities
  • Committee Reports
  • President’s Address
  • Member’ Reports and Comments
  • Refreshments

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Board Meetings

Every second Tuesday of the month, ACE also holds a Board of Directors Meeting at Williams Center for the Arts at Lafayette College.
The Board of Directors meet to discuss the activities of the committees, conduct administrative tasks and to make budgetary decisions.
The meeting is held at 6 PM, just before the General Members Meeting.
The Board of Directors Meeting is a public meeting.

Committee Meetings

The Committees are made up of volunteer ACE members to organize events and conduct the day-to-day business of running ACE. All members are encouraged to volunteer their hands, hearts and skills to keep the committees thriving.

Each committee chair is responsible for calling meetings of their committee. Committee meetings are called as needed. Event committee meeting frequency is generally more as a event draws near. Other committee meetings are typically more regular throughout the year.

If you are a part of a committee, or would like to be, contact the committee chair for information on meetings.

Special Meetings

If necessary, a special meeting may be announced to address specific needs of ACE that cannot be incorporated into the member, board or committee meetings. These meetings will be announced in advance to all ACE members to inform them of the subject, time and location of the meeting.