ACE offers diverse events throughout the year to allow members to interact, learn, teach, and showcase their work, all providing the public with a unique opportunity to experience the arts in the Easton area.
Some of those events include:

Monthly meetings, open to the public, where members discuss their current work and outside speakers from a wide variety of perspective on the arts are frequently featured.

ACE Gallery at the Quadrant.

Spring Members Show at the Sigal Museum in Easton in April

The annual ACE Studio tour in April-(See Tour Photo Album on the ACE Facebook page)

Vendors’ Booth and Artist in Action Workshops at the  Saturday Outdoor Easton Farmer’s Market.

The two day Riverside Festival of the Arts in September-See and

The Fall Members Show at the Gallery at the State Theater

Annual ACE Scholarship and Awards Event

See our calendar and like our Facebook page to learn more about these and other upcoming events.